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    Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup





    Automatic Character Rigging system
    8 well organized and scripted .AEP files
    8 well layered PSD Files for character design
    40 professional character animations
    Character setup possibilities
    Animation Ready character rig
    High Quality (2800*2600px) resolution animations (zoom ready)
    Tested After Effects compatibility from CS5.5
    Universalized so no errors in non English language After Effects
    AEP files with 40 character animations: 101MB, without animations 11MB
    Easy step by step Video Tutorials
    English language .SRT subtitles for Video Tutorials
    24/7 Customer Services
    Only 370Mb Zip file what you need to download, when you unzip it will 1Gb

    Note: Sound effect aren’t included in the pack
    Sound by: Whistle by Stockwaves


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