Hồ Chí Minh [TOYLOGIC VIETNAM] - Tuyển dụng 3D Motion Artist

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    1. Job Description:
    - Responsible for designing 3D motion
    - Put the movement to a character
    - Make 3D motion
    - Make animation on the camera moving
    - Edit the movement and videos

    2. Requirement:
    - Experience: at least 4-6 years as a 3D motion artist
    - Ability to use MAYA or 3Ds Max
    - Can join as soon as possible
    - Ability to use After effect
    - Ability to use RIG system to put the movement

    3. Benefit:
    - Salary: 16.000.000 - 32.000.000 gross
    - Transportation fee (Depending on the distance)
    - Meal allowance(700k)
    - Company trip
    - Bonus (depending on work performance)
    Working hour: From 8:00 - 17:00 from Monday to Friday
    For further info or application, please feel free to contact me via trucphuong@reeracoen.com.vn
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