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    Inside you’ll find:

    • Set Sail Studios: Lunar Blossom Font
    • Vintage Design Co: Vintage Bundle Pack
    • Lisa Glanz: Text Dividers & Enhancers (Sample Version)
    • Ghostly Pixels: Badge Shapes
    • Octopus Artis: Watercolor Flowers Pack

    Lunar Blossom

    With a very distinct weight contrast and an authentic brushed style, Lunar Blossom is guaranteed to give your text a personal, custom-made feel – perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers and whatever your imagination holds.

    The font comes with plenty of great features to keep you busy;

    Every character has it’s own alternate version, allowing you to create unique words & layouts.

    There’s also a second font Lunar Blossom Brush, which contains dry-brush textures throughout. This gives you the option of choosing between a cleaner & rougher brush texture for your text.

    Both fonts have a large range of characters including ligatures and multilingual support.

    We’re not done yet! To give you that finishing touch to your text, I’ve also included a font of bonus extras, which includes 12 hand-painted swashes/underlines, as well as 6 combinations of paint splatters.

    Your download will include 5 font files:

    • Lunar Blossom.otf ~ Includes ligatures and stylistic alternates for those who have opentype capable software (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator).
    • Lunar Blossom Brush.otf ~ Includes the exact features of Lunar Blossom, but with rough dry-brush textures throughout.
    • Lunar Blossom Extras.otf ~ A set of 18 hand-made swashes and paint splatters
    • Lunar Blossom Alt.otf ~ For those who are unable to use opentype features, this font consists only of the alternate characters for Lunar Blossom. Just install, select & type away to start inputting the alternates.
    • Lunar Blossom Brush Alt.otf ~ Includes the exact features of Lunar Blossom Alt, but with rough dry-brush textures throughout.

    Language support: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norweigen, Danish, Dutch, Finnish


    Vintage Design Co
    Vintage Bundle

    Get yourself all 5 volumes of my popular Vintage Logo Templates in one super bundle.

    Perfect for that next logo design project or t-shirt design.

    What you get is:

    • 30 logo templates in illustrator AI files.
    • 30 logo templates in Photoshop PSD files.
    • 35 vector icons.
    • 15 PNG texture files to add that retro vintage look in Photoshop.
    • A txt file for each set is included with the list of fonts and download links.


    Lisa Glanz
    Text Dividers & Enhancers

    It’s versatile and super useful, introducing the very handy Text Dividers & Enhancers!

    I’ve included elements that work great for wall art, logo design, blog post, invitation, branding and more. And to cover all bases there are both authentic pencil illustrations as well as smooth inked elements all hand sketched with care.

    This kit has both vector and PNG elements giving you the freedom to choose your preferred software for creating.

    Included in this set:

    • 10 Sketched fairytale wreaths
    • 37 Sketched laurels & elements
    • 8 Square & rectangular wreaths
    • 30 Magical swirly whirly
    • 90 Text dividers
    • 70 DIY individual elements


    Ghostly Pixels
    Badge Shapes – Hand Illustrated

    Presenting a handy collection of hand illustrated geometric shapes. These might come in handy for the next vintage badge project, retro t-shirt, poster, or whatever else your hand-illustrated-shape-needs might be.

    This collection includes 11 Shapes with 5 style variations of each shape. The 5 illustration styles included are Solid, Solid with an Outline, Single Thick Outline, Single Thin Outline, and Double Thin Outline. These were drawn by hand on paper, and then scanned into the computer and converted to individual vector EPS files, and transparent PNG files.

    Included in this set:

    All offered in both Vector EPS and PNG file formats (11 Illustrations x5 styles x2 formats = 110 files total).

    Both file formats feature the isolated illustration in dark gray, with a completely transparent background.

    The PNG dimensions range from approx. 3,900px wide to 6,000px wide, based on original illustration size.

    Included shape illustrations:

    • Hexagon (with 5 styles)
    • Square (with 5 styles)
    • Triangle (with 5 styles)
    • Pentagon Shield (with 5 styles)
    • Trapezoids Combo (with 5 styles)
    • Octagon (with 5 styles)
    • Rhombus (with 5 styles)
    • Rectangle (with 5 styles)
    • Pentagon (with 5 styles)
    • Hexagon Stretched (with 5 styles)
    • Circle (with 5 styles)


    Octopus Artis
    Watercolor Flowers Pack

    This set of 28 hand painted watercolor floral clipart. Perfect graphic for wedding invitations, greeting cards, websites, digital albums, quotes, blogs, posters and more.

    Pack includes 56 files:

    • 22 x Floral element: 22 JPG (white background), 22 PNG (transparent background) 1300-900px
    • 5 x Bouquet: 5 JPG (white background), 5 PNG (transparent background) 2300-1600px
    • 1 x Wreath: 1 JPG (white background), 1 PNG (transparent background) 3500x3500px


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