Hồ Chí Minh [TBWA] - Tuyển dụng Designer (based digital)

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    • Produce the design and production for websites, product graphics, web logos, social media graphics .
    • Manage and produce digital design work.
    • Creating a range of powerful, viable concepts and designs for each project
    • Forging and executing exciting digital ideas
    • Maintaining high standards and ensuring only the best work is released to the client
    • Taking ownership of the visual elements of creative work for new business pitches
    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree in digital design, graphic design, graphic communications or related field
    • Minimum 2 years successful professional design experience, preferably at a Digital agency
    • Strong portfolio of design work, showing solution to business problems through effective design
    • A naturally passionate individual with keen interest in personal + creative growth.
    • A deep understanding of social media and social media content

    • Working in a global leading IMC agency
    • Industry competitive salary package
    If you interest in our new vacancy, please submit your CV and Portfolios to HR Dept.: recruitment.vn@tbwa.com
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