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    Graphic Designer – Job Description

    About Sonca Tech Inc.

    We are a young start-up that to create a child-play audio-on-demand system for children, age 2-6, with the missions to bring joys to all playroom, reduce usage of smartphone screen and develop the language, focus and imagination skills. We committed to an innovative technology, quality made product, rich and creative contents and always child-conscious products. Our products include a child-control internet speaker, series of RFID embedded figures, and mobile app to personalize contents/playlists, all proudly created, designed and made in Vietnam, by Vietnamese. We plan to launch the product in late 2020 or early 2021.

    We are yet a small team today, but we have a big vision, and we strive every day better than yesterday to pursue our dream. Together with product development, we are looking for an in-house Graphic Designer, under Creative Content and Marketing Dept.

    Salary and benefits are discussed at interview.

    Job Description

    - Producing supporting materials for children stories, including coloring book, spot differences between 2 pictures, character stickers,…

    - Producing thumbnail for each audio file for mobile app

    - Producing graphic images for daily digital marketing posts

    - Producing graphic images/icon for website, app, marketing materials, posters, …

    - Producing company materials, including brochure, landing page,…

    - In charge of graphic and art aspects of merchandises, accessories,…

    - In charge of graphic aspects for product design: Sonca figures, packaging box, users manual, email marketing, infographic, …

    - Coordinate with outside photographer, figure design studio, UI studio,…


    - Graduated with graphic designer school and at least 2 years experiences

    - Passionate and knowledge about design for children as users

    - Fluent of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, ..and other popular graphic software

    - 3D graphic knowledge or figures design are an advantage

    If you are interested, please send CV and portfolio to quynh.truong@sonca.tech
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