Hà Nội [Non-disclosed] Cần tuyển 1 UX Designer chuyên về website 1000-1700 USD / tháng (fluent in English)

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  1. Vinh Nguyen

    Vinh Nguyen Newbie

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    We are looking for a UX Designer with a good understanding of the website and related disciplines.

    Salary: 1000 - 1700 USD per month.

    - Strong understanding and in-depth knowledge about UX design (information architecture, user journey, wireframing, etc.)
    - At least 2 years of experience in UX design or equivalent disciplines (e.g. UI design, business analysis, product management, etc.)
    - Good sense about graphic, color, typography is a must
    - Up-to-date knowledge about current design trend is a plus
    - Fluent in English: near-native level reading, listening, and writing skills; acceptable speaking skills.

    Other requirements
    - Logical
    - Good at presentation
    - Familiarity with software development process is a plus.

    Hiring process
    1. Contact me via Skype (nguyenvietvinhse) to apply.
    2. Complete the UX test and written test
    3. Online interview via Skype / Google Meet
    4. Direct interview with CEO/CTO
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