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    Founded in 2014, Eastgate Software is a software development company that builds custom business solutions and applications. We are proud of our high-qualified staff who has more than 20 years of experience in software development including web, mobile and desktop applications.

    We put quality and customer satisfactions at the top priority in every project we carry. Therefore our German and US senior experts offer local consultancy for European and US clients.

    As a member of Eastgate, you will be emerged in a professional and flexible environment where you have opportunities to express your own ideas and improve your skill set through many interesting full-cycle projects.

    Your responsibilities

    - Collaborate with developers, engineers, and product managers from around the world

    - Build wireframe/prototype, and UI/UX projects design

    - Designing/laying out seminar materials

    - Designing materials for website/app

    - Make mockup, wireframes and UI/UX responsive design for web and mobile

    - Develop, share and implement UI / UX best practices

    - Proactively identify problem areas and offer solutions

    The ideal candidate

    - Strong portfolio that showcases exceptional conceptual and contemporary design skills.

    - Deep understanding of UX design principles and methodologies as they relate to software development.

    - Experience building rich, interactive prototypes or web applications using Designing tools such as: Photoshop, Corel…

    - Encouraging others to share and explore their ideas

    - Excellent graphic design skills

    - Ability to balance work on multiple projects at the same time

    - Excellent communication skills and a good command of the English language


    - Having chance to work with and learn from many experts from around the world (Germany, US, Japan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Finland…)

    - Joining in Dynamic & Flexible Working Environment

    - Competitive Salary Package

    - 20 leave days/year; annual outing trip; monthly workshop/course fee…

    Send us your CV and portfolio to:

    Or reach us at: Tel: 04 6276 3566
    www.[I]facebook.com/eastgate.software[/I][/CODE ][/I]
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