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22/5/19 402

  1. Pham Huu Huan

    Pham Huu Huan Newbie

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    SciLab is looking for a freelance graphic designer to design the white paper for our new blockchain-based business.

    - 3+ years in information design and/or UI/UX
    - Experience in using design tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.
    - English proficiency

    Job Description:

    We would first like you to design a sample page with appropriate diagrams based on the excerpt we will provide from our white paper, as well as the logo for our business. If from your sample task we feel that your design style is a good match for our project, then we will move forward with signing a contract for you to complete the rest of the white paper in its entirety (about 10-15 pages).

    Sample Task:
    Due: Monday, May 27
    Pay: $20

    Full White Paper:
    Due: Monday, June 10
    Pay: $300, but up for negotiation

    If you are interested, please contact:
    Stephanie Choi
    Skype: choistephanie
    Email: steffchoi@gmail.com

    Phạm Hữu Huân
    Skype: phhuan
    Email: huanph504@gmail.com
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