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    • 1 year of experience
    • JD:
      Your primary job as a graphic designer is to elevate our
      brand aesthetics and produce content for all social
      media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Tik
      Tok). This isn't any old job where you sit at your desk,
      and I tell you what to do... I'm looking for a LEADER who
      can take the initiative to innovate on our art direction
      and take our aesthetics to the next level.
      • Master the ability to take any branded video
      content and repurpose it into micro pieces of
      content for social media (graphics, quote cards,
      gifs, photos, stories, copy, clips, etc.)
      • Collaborate with our creative team to apply
      design problem solving and elevate our
      content's aesthetics: YouTube videos, YouTube
      Shorts, Instagram Reels, Instagram Carousels,

      • Create YouTube thumbnails so engaging
      viewers can't help themselves but click!
      • Extract quotes from video content and write
      copy (in English) for social media quotes,
      captions, and adding text to images.

    • Jobs Requirement:
      • At least 1 year of experience
      • Passionate for making creative content
      • Extraordinary design skills
      • Professional design experience
      • Familiar with working in Adobe Creative Suite
      • Must be able to design for western audiences
      (our viewers are NOT Vietnamese)
      • Proficient in speaking and writing in English as
      we are an American company
      • Must be able to adapt to the western-style
      working culture
      • Responsible, accountable, and kind

    • Company Address:
      9AM - 6PM, Mon - Fri
      Vinhomes Golden River, D1

    • Contact:
      Ngoc Viet (Aiden)
      (+84) 9699 37 044

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