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    We are looking for 1 position of Designer with the job description as below:

    Scope of works:

    * POSM serves company events, sales campaigns, store opening for the Southern region

    * Designing packaging, labels for new products, updating packaging, labels for old products.

    * Designing artwork to print for advertising products; and promotions for the event

    * Handling issues related to color, decoration, labels, cartons, ...

    * Taking pictures, edit photos to serve Marketing campaign as required

    * Making ideas for the company's annual collection

    * Choosing fabric, update schedule, production process


    * At least 1 year of relevant experience.

    * Sensitive colors and good layout.

    * Capable of teamwork.

    * Diligence, hard work, good communication (English is an advantage).

    * Proficient in using software AI, PTS, Corel, Indesign, .....

    * Hand-drawing and digital knowledge are an advantage.

    What We Can Offer

    * Competitive salary; Annual increment, Promotion evaluations and Salary adjustments in January.

    * Phone and meal allowances.

    * Bonuses and gifts on Tet, holidays & birthday, Labor union’s vacations, Wedding & Funeral allowances.

    * Chance to learn and get experience from International company environment.

    Please send your PORTFOLIO & CV to Mr Kim: hoangkim.everpia@gmail.com (0901699976)

    Thanks and best regards.
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