Hồ Chí Minh [EESOME] - Tuyển dụng Graphic Designer

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    About us
    Eesome is a production studio based in Saigon, focusing on brand image production and content creation. We would love to think of every brand as a universe. The journey to understand each of our clients is a space trip, during which we get to exploit an “alien language” to tell stories about your brand through unique, and attractive photos, and videos.

    The strength of Eesome is production, branding and event. We create products which can both please your eyes and carry the voice from your heart. The marriage of visual and word is the way we tell stories, based on our deep understanding of the clients as well as on our knowledge in visual media production. Having been working with both local and global corporate brand and start up, we can provide you all you need to build a strong brand image. Our principle is that “Let’s the brand be itself”.

    Our portfolio: (https)://bit.ly/2lUbKIU

    What will you do
    • Contribute creative ideas for campaigns’ concept;
    • Design digital artworks, POSM, BTL/ATL materials..... for assigned brands;
    • Provide constructive feedback for other team member to improve the design of each assigned brand so that it effectively engages its target audience;
    • Establish visual communication across all products and platforms;
    • Ensure deadline and quality of work.

    What we are looking for
    • Graduate with graphic design background;
    • 1+ year experience is a plus;
    • Strong at 2D design;
    • Strong teamwork;
    • Interpersonal & presentation skills;
    • Excellent time management skill.

    What we can offer
    • 13th month of salary, Tet holiday’s bonus;
    • Social Insurance base on 100% of salary;
    • Hangout with team;
    • Work with young, talented and energetic colleagues.
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