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    About Alley 51 Ventures
    We want to be the catalyst for contrarian startups, whose existence is to solve the world's hardest problems. As a venture builder rooted humbly in Vietnam/SEA, we zoom-in on emerging, underserved markets that’s ready to embrace radical changes made possible by technology. This is our blueprint to solve hard problems:
    · Obsessively humanity-centric in approach
    · Technologically creative in finding solutions
    · Scientifically agile in perfecting our processes

    Most importantly, we accelerate startups that can last and scale into great companies that makes the world a better place.

    Being our UI/UX Designer Intern, you are expected to work on new technological product or improve existing ones in terms of product design and usability.

    · Exceptional learning attitude, be able to research and work independently
    · Excellent communication and creative thinking abilities
    · Time management and the ability to cope with several projects at a time
    · Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
    · Ability to use Adobe Premiere is an advantage

    · Ensure all publications, Facebook fan page, and website of the company is effectively branded, visually eye-catching.
    · Research and understand user behavior and look into how designing can improve user-friendliness & product performance.
    · Prepare wireframe and determine visual/art direction for the product
    · Take into account time and budget constraints

    Compensations & Benefit
    · Gain hands-on working experience before graduation and practice before thesis defense (if any)
    · Work in a dynamic start-up environment and strong team with diverse background
    · Monthly allowance (lunch, parking and living stipends)
    · Free snacks and drinks available at office

    Contact Information
    Your CV is more than welcomed at careers@alley51.com
    You don't need to have too much experience to join us cause we have many Mentors who always willing to help you. So be brave and join us!!!!
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