Toàn Quốc 3D ARTIST [ 20 PEOPLE ]

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    #Roles & Responsibilities :

    1. Low poly modelling of office furniture items in 3D Max as per the company guidelines
    2. Find and build materials and textures as per the company specifications
    3. Apply materials to 3D models created by you.
    4. Render icons for models using V Ray render
    5. Render plan view and resize using photoshop if required
    6. Perpetually follow the standards for files, file types and folder structures defined by the company


    1. Proficiency in AutoCAD, Autodesk 3DS-Max and 3D modeling
    2. Intermediate skills in PhotoShop, VRay and Sketchup
    3. Ability and enthusiasm to learn quickly
    4. Goal oriented mindset with the ability to work under pressure
    5. High degree of professionalism
    6. Basic communication skills in English
    7. Low-poly 3D modeling for gaming / realtime-rendering is a big advantage
    8. Architecture and/or Interior Design knowledge/experience is an advantage


    1. You will be part of the core team in our Vietnam Office, there is no limit to how much you can grow and learn.
    2. Kick-start your career growth with a fast growing global start-up. We grow, you grow.
    3. Experience a progressive work culture of a global start-up! Your work satisfaction and happiness at work place is of paramount importance to us.

    So if this sounds exciting to you, and you want to learn and grow with a global start-up and be a part of that growth journey, reach out to us immediately!

    #Salary: $600 and more if you are good
    #Working location: ward Cau Kho, district 1, HCM

    Contact me:
    - Email:
    - Skype: huyenpham26101995
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